Who are you?

I am a 37 year old from Shropshire who gets narked with people oversharing on social media, narked about people who never shut up about their children and narked with lots of other things in general. And then I decided that a good way to dispel the narkyness was to blog about it, my mantra tends to be 'publish and be damned'. I do realise that many people will not agree with my views - my response to that? You have a choice about whether you read my blog, I am not offended in any way if you choose not to.

Why do you think people want to read your opinions?

I read and follow a lot of other blogs and it seems to me that people (by their very nature) seem to get something out of engaging with other humans by way of sharing their views, be that because they agree vehemently or because they disagree vehemently. As with art - as long as it is provoking a response, be that positive or negative, then I reckon it's done it's job. Judging by the amount of readings my posts get then I believe people do wish to read them. But to be honest I write as a catartic process for myself so even with no readers I would still publish posts.

You never seem to get many comments on your posts - why is this?

Yes, I have noticed this, whereas on my other blog (about Quorn) comments are left quite often. I believe this is because my posts on this blog tend to be quite divisive and people do not want to stick their head above the parapet in agreeing/disagreeing publicly. Ironically I usually get a number of private messages about blog posts soon after publishing (the majority of which are along the lines of 'I absolutely get what you mean here' and the minority of which proclaim me the devil incarnate). I also find that people are more inclined to comment via facebook and twitter on posts than they are on the blog itself.

Did you used to be married to Robson Green?

No - but I am aware that someone with the same name as me is indeed the ex-wife of aforementioned housewives fave totty. Personally I have never understood the attraction to Mr Green especially given his atrocious record of delivering crap to the charts as one half of the utterly meh Robson and Jerome.

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