Monday, 14 January 2013

Kids in the Workplace

Back to the old blog for this one as it is not related to #ProjectOz.

WHY do people think it is a brilliant idea to bring kids into the office? Especially kids who are going to run around screaming for most of the time they are there? I swear once people have kids something physiologically happens to them which mentally prevents them from being aware of the fact that some people do not like kids.

And even people that do like kids do not necessarily enjoy the little fuckers making an obscene amount of noise in their work environment.

This morning I nearly lost my mind when an ex employee (who must have left at least 3 years ago) randomly turned up with a 3 year old (could be older/younger, I am rubbish with these kind of guesses, it was capable of running about if that helps).

Said rugrat then behaved for approximately 2 minutes as he weighed up his victims before deciding that the most fun in the world was repeatedly kicking the stationary cupboard with a massive thud. Shortly after this he discovered running between desks whilst yelling, which occupied a further half an hour (mother was in one of the meeting rooms catching up with her old boss and seemingly oblivious to the noise her little darling was making). We were then treated to a mixture of these two activities until she could be bothered to take the monster away.

I had to resist the urge to trip the little sod up as I returned from the photocopier and had to step around him twice as he hurtled about. Why do people believe a) that there is a limitless amount of love for their child from other people and b) that it is ok to leave said child unsupervised based on a small token of affection people had for you years ago when you were actually a member of staff?

I have never really had any truck with bringing kids into the office because I cannot see who it ever really benefits. Someone actually turned up to our Christmas party a few weeks ago with a child in tow, I was silently incredulous.

I think that even if I liked kids I would have an issue with this and as a manager even more so. I just think it is incredibly selfish to impose a small child on an office full of people trying to get on with their jobs, some trying to take important phone calls against a background of yelling - I mean, that's not rocket science is it?

Seriously folks, next time you consider doing this (and most of you wouldn't dream of it anyway) just don't. For the sake of your colleagues (or ex colleagues) and your own reputation. Because people will seriously think you are a nobhead even if they do not actually say this to your face.